March 27, 2016

Happy Easter from the Macho Man, Ohhhh Yeahhh!

To those that celebrate in any way, I wish you a Happy Easter. While today may be Easter Sunday, this day 28 years ago was Wrestlemania IV. What could the WWE(then WWF) do to follow up on the record breaking show they put on a year earlier? They held a first time ever World Championship tournament on 'the Grandest Stage of Them All'. I was ten years old, a huge wrestling fan, and it was the first PPV that I watched 'live'. There were larger than life personalities, both literal(Andre the Giant) and figurative(Hulk Hogan). The night wouldn't belong to either of them though. One year after performing in one of the greatest matches of all time, Randy 'Macho Man' Savage would prevail to win his first World title.

This iconic image is one of my lasting memories of that day. I had no idea that this card existed, but was fortunate to recently find a lot of two of these on Listia. I probably over-bid on the lot, but it knew that I needed to own this card and I've since sent the second copy off to a home where I'm pretty sure it will be appreciated as much as it is here in my collection. Thanks for reading.


  1. Awesome awesome! Oooooooo yeahhhhhh

  2. Said second copy of that card is making friends with all the other cards in my wrestling binder. I appreciate it. Happy Easter Tim!