March 24, 2016

So, I Got This Blaster of 2016 Donruss...

I've gotta be honest, had the tag line about one auto or relic per box not been on there, I probably would have skipped this. I couldn't resist taking the gamble on which relic or auto would show up. Here we go.

This is what the base cards look like. I pulled some pretty decent players, but I absolutely had to show this one off. I especially like the back:

That's a great card back write-up!

The Rated Rookies look pretty awesome. I don't even miss the logos on that Schwarber!

The box was jam packed with inserts. I was a fan of 'The Rookies' sets when I was younger, so I'm not only glad that they are included, but I also like that they created a spin-off 'The Prospects' set.

Last year, I liked the 1981 inspired cards, and it just so happens that I like these that were inspired by the 1982 set almost as much. I particularly love that the Kiermaier photo was taken at Yankee Stadium!

The Power Alley inserts of old make a return as does the Studio set. I've seen a few cards from the studio set so far and it's once again my favorite insert set. As much as I wanted to skip showing off the Swanson, it's not a terrible card...

So, what was my relic or auto, you ask? No, I didn't pull the San Diego Chicken relic that I covet so much. The relic was not something I was interested in for my PC, so one of you will be finding out which card it was when it shows up in your mail box. I would have been happy with that value out of the blaster, but there was one more interesting piece of cardboard that I unwrapped.

I was pretty stoked when this bad boy fell out of the second to last pack of the blaster. It's the Studio Press Proof parallel, numbered /99. 

Overall, here was plenty of value to be had out of the blaster, and it was an entertaining break. If you can find these blasters, I'd highly recommend busting one(or two). If you happen to find that Chicken relic, I'd be happy to give it a good home if you're interested. Thanks for reading.


  1. Those look great, esp the Schwarbers! I got an Addison Russell relic in mine!

  2. I feel like Panini should just make a set full of catchers, past and present. Then we might not notice.

  3. Good stuff here!Loving the Conforto ;)

  4. What a fun blaster! I remember doing a blaster of Donruss last year and thinking that it was way more fun than a Topps blaster. And, I agree with Big Tone, that Conforto is fantastic!!

  5. Every year, I get some Donruss and every year it always beats expectations in my eyes. No matter how many packs I get, I always get something neat. That Schwarber card is really nice ... but that Conforto, dang!

  6. Nice stuff there Tim! I sent you out a bubble mailer earlier today but forgot to put a note inside, be on the lookout!

  7. fun box! I pulled The Chicken #/400 but no fun, fuzzy relic. Prices have come down a LOT on this so maybe I'll get one in the near future.