March 15, 2016

Off Hiatus Tony Knocked My Socks Off

Recently, I was the lucky recipient of two separate packages from Tony L. from Off Hiatus Baseball Cards. The first was a complete(almost complete) set of 1978 Topps Burger King Yankees.

A while back, Tony had posted that the recently acquired set was up for grabs and I pounced. I had a few singles from the set, but nowhere near the complete set. As it turns out, when Tony inspected the 'set' prior to posting it, he found that it came with two Fred Stanley's and was missing Bucky Dent. Soon enough, I'll track down a Dent to complete it.

Shortly after this arrived, I found the first #supertrader package from To y in my mailbox. I was pretty excited for this because Tony had posted some hits pulled from 2015 Panini Contenders and 2012 Topps Mini that were going out to the Super Trader group. I was fortunate enough that he had pulled a Rays  auto and a relic from those products.

Here is the auto from Contenders. Granted, it's not as awesome as the Moncada auto that also came from the box, but I'm psyched to have my first Garrett Whitley auto. He was the Rays' 2015 first round draft pick and is currently the 5th best prospect in their system, as ranked by Baseball America.

Here is the mini relic. It's not my first Longoria relic, but it is the most interesting one I have. You gotta wonder what that writing says, and who wrote it. That wasn't the only good stuff in the Super Traders package from Tony.

More minis from 2012 Topps! Three great pitchers who have moved on to new teams(or multiple teams).

That black bordered parallel of Matt Moore is #/62 and the Bowman Platinum is the purple parallel. Great stuff, but it doesn't stop there.

More relics! I love that Wade Boggs. I dig the Golden Moments inserts anyway, so when you add a relic to one it's even better! Crime Dog in Tampa duds isn't something that you see everyday. We round things out with a David Price jersey relic. It may be a plain white swatch, but it's a relic and it is a season highlight(winning the Cy Young Award and the quest to win it back to back) so it is doubly awesome. Thanks for another great trade package, Tony. I've got some Brew Crew cardboard ready to ship your way really soon. Thanks for reading.


  1. I'm glad you liked the cards you got, Tim. Those other relics and serial numbered cards have just been waiting for a Rays collector to come along and claim them!