March 13, 2016

Night Owl Sure is a #supertrader

I've had the good fortune to trade with Night Owl on a few occasions before. Recently, another padded envelope arrived from the nocturnal one. It was stuffed with two filled team bags and a note saying that this was half return package and half #supertraders content. It hit on many aspects of my collecting preferences.

To start, these stacks brought me 7 cards closer to completing the Stadium Club set and 14 cards closer to finally finishing Topps series two.

There was a healthy dose of oddball too. I love those Conlon Collection cards, and the Whitehall Collection Babe Ruth Hologram is pretty nice too! Though I chose not to scan it, this package also contained my first MooTown Snackers card(Kevin Maas).

There were cool horizontals too, some of the parallel variety. I really like those Opening Day cards. This is the second of those that I've picked up. I think the brand should go back to highlighting 'actual' opening day games in some way.

Lastly, there was plenty of shiny to go around. I loved all of these, but especially the gold Kiermaier RC. It was probably my favorite card of the package. He's one of my favorite non-Yankee players right now and my favorite, current former Durham Bull. Of those recent Durham guys that actually have a decent number of cards, I think Richie Shaffer may be my favorite. That purple parallel from Bowman Platinum was probably a close second for favorite card of the package. Thanks NO, I appreciate the great cardboard! I'll be putting together a Super Traders package for you in the near future. Thanks for reading.


  1. Conlon may very well be my favorite product of all time. It's the set that first caused me to fall in love with baseball and baseball cards. As such, I was the only kid on the block pretending to be Riggs Stephenson when we played sandlot ball when they were all Sosa, McGwire, Griffey, etc.

  2. Glad you enjoyed. I had a stockpile of shiny that's quickly disappearing.

  3. That people Shaffer looks sweet,looking forward to see him play more this year