March 23, 2016

I've Always Got Time For Cardboard

A short while ago I received a message from Andy, who at the time was a reader. He was looking to set up a trade. Since I'm always in the market to add new trade partners, we exchanged some emails and next thing I knew I had a bubble mailer in the mailbox. Andy has since taken the dive into the blogging world and I highly recommend you check out his awesomely titled Ain't Nobody Got a time For Cardboard!

First up, there were a few Broncos. It's not often that you see cards of the punter(or even the kicker) anymore. The Rouen is the gold parallel to boot(no pun intended).

Next up, Andy chipped away at a few set needs for me. I swear that one of these days I'll be able to put series two and Stadium Club to bed.

This was such a well rounded package. I had a ton of fun flipping through the contents. The Scherzer crosses off yet another set need from the retail-exclusive All-Star Access insert. I was also pretty psyched to see that Spring Fever Trea Turner hanging out in here. The Desmond is the purple parallel and is serial numbered. I really wanted that Heritage Severino too. Now I just have to track down the SSP single player version of the Severino. The goods didn't stop there though. During the email exchange we had prior to the package arriving, Andy told me that there would be a special Rays card of a prospect that hasn't risen above A ball yet. The only hint he have was that the kid has a brother in the majors.

Despite the hint, I wasn't able to come up with this guy. I'm thrilled to have this auto, especially if he is as good as his brother Kolten.

I'm not sure if I'd mentioned before, but I really dig shiny cards. I especially took a liking to last year's Farm's Finest insert out of Bowman. I was fortunate to have found this purple parallel of Michael Taylor which is #/250. Super shiny, serial numbered, and a PC guy make for one heck of an addition to the collection. Last, but certainly not least, we come to the card that started it all.

Andy actually contacted me initially to let me know that he had this card available and was wondering if I'd be interested. Ummm, of course I was interested! Super shiny, serial numbered, and a PC guy...wait, is there an echo or was that just Déjà Vu?  Anyway, the rest of the trade took off from here. I really appreciate the high quality cardboard, Andy. I'm working to finish up your return package right now. I'll have it out to you soon. Thanks for reading.


  1. Andy is really making a name for himself - he's definitely an excellent trading partner!

  2. Just doing my part! Glad you enjoyed the surprise cards! It's amazing what you find in the Fairfield 1:4 packs, as well as the 10-20 pack repacks! IIRC that Pineda came out of a clearance Bowman blaster!