January 29, 2015

Trade With Reader - Brandon

This post is a few weeks past due. A while back, a reader named Brandon emailed me to initiate a trade. I'm always up for this so we sent a few messages back and forth and I ended up emailing him a list of basketball relics and autos that I have lying around. I was happy to do this because pretty much all of the basketball stuff I have is fair game in the trade market. Brandon told me he had a few Yankees and a former Bull to send my way. We agreed upon a straight 3 for 3 swap. I sent a random Topps Shawn Marion auto, a Scoreboard Shareef Abdur-Rahim auto and a Jason Kidd dual relic that contained pieces of a ball and floor. Back in the earlier days of my collection, I wouldn't have thought of parting with the Marion or the Kidd, but like many of you I narrowed the focus of my collection a few years back. I just haven't had a very good avenue to get rid of he eh stuff I no longer want. So, this opportunity to eliminate some of the old to bring in the new was certainly welcome.

Here's what showed up in my mailbox.

Interesting...I have only a few cards that show a player in a certain team's uniform, but has been updated to list the player on their current team. I know this happens from time to time, I've just never actively sought these out to add to my collection. I must say, the Rangers blue swatch embedded in this Teixeira card was actually a welcome change of pace from the gray/plain white/single pinstripe swatch that I was expecting to see!

Expanding my former Durham Bull player collections is a relatively recent thing. This is actually only my second BJ Upton relic. Receiving this has given me one jersey card, this bat card, and one certified auto to go along with 2-3 in-person signatures that I collected at the DBAP during his time in Durham. In my eyes, this was the centerpiece of this swap. It's not the most limited relic I could have hoped for, but I really like the design of the Golden Moments inserts so in my eyes, this is a pretty sweet piece of cardboard(and wood). 
I've never been a huge Jason Giambi fan. He was a Yankee, so it was hard to turn down this card considering I'd much rather have a Yankee to add to the collection than the basketball cards I was packing up to send to Brandon. I hadn't seen this insert before. Though you can't tell from the scan, some of the circles are embossed. It kinda reminds me of something I'd see on Marvel Agents of SHIELD. Interestingly enough, this is another card that shows the player in one jersey but lists him on another team.

Brandon also tossed in a 2014 Topps Gold DeMarcus Ware card for my Denver Broncos collection to sweeten the deal. All in all, it was definitely a great experience that I wouldn't have come across had I not started this blog. If you're still out there reading, thanks for a great trade Brandon. I hope you're enjoying the cards I sent your way!

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