February 22, 2016

Oddballs and Hockey and Broncos...Oh My!!!

Tonight I want to share two last PWEs before looking at some of the loot from fellow Super Traders which has begun to pour in over the past few days. Both of these PWEs came from Tony Burbs. One of them contained a bunch of 1993 Hostess singles I needed to help complete that set.

Here are six of my favorites. There were actually a whopping eleven needs wiped out in one shot! Of course, you've got to know I was thrilled that the Mattingly can finally be crossed off my list. Tony assured me he was happy to be rid of these. The need to pack a second envelope began on National Hockey Day. Tony had grabbed some free packs and I took a liking to a few, so I inquired about their availability. Sure enough, they arrived with a few NFL buddies to keep hem company on the journey.

I'm happy to have the Canes and Devils represented by my first ever cards from any National hockey Day. I've read a few times on different blogs that some folks wrestle with whether or not contest cards like that Elway are real cards or not. In fact, if I gave my answer to that a few years back, I would have said no. Again, I'm glad that guy isn't running this collection anymore! I absolutely consider that a new addition to my Elway collection and I'm digging the photo of him in the Super Bowl XXXIII jersey! Across the bottom is a mixture of some of my favorite Broncos defenders of days gone by. Smith and Atwater were two of the anchors from the early days of my Denver fandom and I always liked John Mobley. They also provided a good dose of nostalgia since they're all pictured in the old Broncos jerseys with the old logo helmets. Such great cardboard!

Thanks Tony! I'm starting to put together some stuff to send back your way soon.


  1. I dig that Van Slyke. Cool stuff from Tony!

  2. I love that Hostess set. I'm down to 5 cards left to complete it.

  3. Cool. Now I can dump some Carolina Hurricanes your way as well.