March 16, 2020

Happy 3:16 Day!

Happy Monday to anyone reading out there! I know, for many, it has been anything but 'happy' lately. It's tough to process being cooped up in the house with no sports to help pass the time and create a distraction from the serious situation the world is currently experiencing. However, I'm very thankful that the WWE has found a way to make alterations to their business model which has allowed them to continue broadcasting their products while simultaneously being socially conscious. This past Friday, they moved their Smackdown show to the company's Performance Center in Orlando and restricted attendance to the skeleton crew of personnel necessary to produce the show. It was surreal to see a form of entertainment that is usually dependent upon the energy of a live crowd play out in this manner. I found it interesting and honestly, no less entertaining than any other wrestling show I've seen. Perhaps this assessment was due, in part, to the dearth of other sporting events. Thinking about it in a bit more depth, I think it was due to the extra efforts put forth by the wrestlers. They know about the events going on in the world. Many of them have families that are worried about them, but they showed up for work and put on great performances in an empty building anyway. 

Tonight, the show will go on as they'll present Monday Night Raw in a similar fashion. In fact, today is Austin 3:16 Day! It should be quite interesting to see one of the greatest performers in company history do his thing in the small, empty training center. Even without drawing from the live crowd's energy, I'm sure he will make his segment a must see!

I've shared some Austin cardboard on the blog before, but here is a favorite that I haven't shared before. Why is it a fave?
1. It's Stone Cold.
2. It's Chrome/shiny
3. It depicts a classic moment in his feud with the Mr. McMahon character which played a huge role in him becoming one of the most popular wrestlers of all time.


Here's another favorite. It pays tribute to one of the early WWF sets from 1987 and features a rare look at his 'Smoking Skull' championship belt(which I loved).

I mean, look at that belt. How could you not love it as a young wrestling fan? All other sports may have been postponed until further notice, and there certainly isn't much reason for celebration at the moment. Regardless, I'll be busting open a cold beverage in observance of 3:16 day in less than an hour. If it's your thing, take a moment to join me. Thanks for reading.


  1. I joined you in drinking on 3:16 day then followed it up with some solo drinking on St Patrick's Day.

  2. I haven't followed wrestling in probably twenty years now, but I did see that there going to be holding this year's Wrestlemania in an empty gym, which sounds pretty darn uninteresting, I sure hope that they're not still going to be charging $39.95 (or whatever it is now) for people to see it.