April 12, 2020

Easter Sunday Single Card Post

Happy Easter to everyone out there that celebrates.

I have long had a Holiday-themed PC. It began as a side project that was strictly Christmas/Santa based. Slowly but surely over the past several years, it grew to include a few Thanksgiving-themed cards as well. Recently, fueled by the excitement of my daughters, that expansion has continued.

I'm not a huge Ginter's fan as it relates to the baseball portion of the checklist, but the oddball/non-sport/non-mainstream sport stuff usually catches my eye and these certainly fit that description. This is my second card to come from 2010 A&G insert Creatures of Legend, Myth, & Joy(you can read about Santa here). These minis were difficult to track down(at a reasonable price) since they're relatively tough pulls at 1:128 packs and due to demand created by the many collectors devoted to building complete or master sets each year.

My Santa PC began because I love Christmas. The subsequent addition of other holiday cardboard has been in an attempt to stoke the collecting fire within my daughters. Thus far, that tactic has successfully hooked my oldest into the hobby. Now, whenever I look at this part of my collection, I'll remember the times spent sharing the hobby with her. It's truly a wonderful Holiday gift! Thanks for reading.


  1. This is why I like Allen and Ginter, becuase of the non sport throw ins. Now I need to add this to a want list lol

  2. I'm completely opposite, disliking A&G for the non-sports content. I did enjoy the Native American minis from a couple years back and picked up the insert set. What a nice way to share the hobby though, with your daughter. Happy Easter!