July 16, 2015

Baseball, Fireworks, and an Unexpected MiLB Team Set

This past Saturday I took the family to Durham Bulls Athletic Park for our first family outing at the ballpark this season. The Bulls played the Gwinnett Braves, there was an appearance by a Minion, and there was to be post-game fireworks. It was a fun, relaxing night at the ballpark and the weather was actually just about perfect for taking in a game.

As is usual when I go to a game, I have to check out the ballpark corner store. I was hoping that maybe the 2015 Bulls team set would be available, but i had no luck on that front. I did find an older, unexpected team set that I didn't remember seeing before on clearance though. I wasn't sure who was in the set, but for $4, I was willing to gamble. So, I picked up the advanced rookie level Princeton Rays set.

As designs go, it's not a bad set. The set was short on players that actually made an impact so I chose these six to show off based solely upon the photos. I really dig the old school 'No Hitting Baseball Against Backstop' sign and the Kroger ad in particular. There was one player that made me glad I gambled on this set.

One of my favorite former Bulls players before he played in Durham.

Here is the card back. It's one of the better minor league designs I've seen. I could go for a slightly less prominent Wendy's logo, but the rest is well done. It's particularly nice to see the photo credit included.

Matt recently completed another tour in Durham while on rehab assignment. Now that he's made it back to Tampa, I'm hoping he can stay healthy and be productive for the Rays in the second half.

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