July 21, 2015

He Dropped a Bomb on Me

A Broncos Bomb that is. Oh, and the he I'm talking about is none other than John from Johnny's Trading Spot. A few short weeks ago an unprompted, small flat rate box arrived with the only warning being a comment on my want list page. Sure enough, a short while later, a small flat rate box arrived at my mailbox. I didn't have the chance to open it right away, but when I finally cracked it open I was definitely blown away! I started with this note:

The sheer number of cards certainly qualified as a bomb. John should have called it a John Elway/Terrell Davis bomb, but I guess that just doesn't have ghee same ring to it!

Mini Elway cards! I loved those Goudey inserts in Fleer's baseball products, so it was awesome to see these two fall out of one of the stacks. I especially dig the 'older school' Broncos uni on the '96-7 version.

Here we have a mix of early and late career highlights. Two cards detailing the '87 AFC Championship game and 'The Drive' start the scan off. That is the first NFL game that I really remember watching and leaving an impression. The upper right is an awesome Pinnacle Dufex insert from before the uniform changes. The three along the bottom row all focus on Super Bowl XXXII. I already had the Skybox card of John hoisting the Lombardi Trophy, but how could I pass up the chance to show off that awesome moment? 

Not much to say here, except I needed all six of these and am happy to have these in the collection.

More TD! The Fleer Tradition card is a great shot showing his best asset, patience. There he is running down the line looking for the opening to make his cut back and head up field. Nice cameo of Howard Griffith making the lead block. It's almost like Shanahan Drew up the play on the Collector's Choice card and then you see the outcome on the Tradition card. The UD to the upper right highlights him breaking the 2,000 yard mark in the 1998 season.

These were literally the only non-Elway/Davis cards to peek out of the stacks. As nice as these are, I'm totally alright with the fact that the majority of the brick was devoted to those two guys. They were huge parts of the Broncos back-to-back championship seasons and now I have more cardboard to remind me of that! Thanks for the bombing John. I'll have return fire coming your way real soon!

By request, enjoy the video of the '80's song that inspired this post title:


  1. I am disappointed that there is no music video for The Gap Band classic to which your headline refers. :-)

    1. I considered it Tony. I didn't want anyone to think I was stealing their style.

    2. Well Tony, I decided to add the video. I hope you enjoy the full experience!

  2. Nice, been buying a bunch of football cards this month will shoot some Broncos your way soon. TD was always one of favorites too

  3. What no one caught the "BOMBS AWAY" tag? Newspaper headlines, made it on a few magazine, and even made its way on to a couple of cards too.