July 18, 2015

One Last Toys R Us Series One Pack...

Topps Series 2 is out. It has been for weeks now. I've got a good start on that set, but it had been bugging me that I was still 2 cards short of completing series one. I happened to be in my local Toys R Us trying to find a toy for my daughter. I can't walk into a retail store that sells cards without checking out the display, so I wandered over to take a look. Nothing was really jumping out at me until I saw that there was only one of the series one blister packs left on the rack. I had already picked up a bunch of these and figured that the one pack it held wouldn't help my set collecting needs, so I was leaning towards not getting it. I took it off the rack and without trying saw that the top purple parallel was Carlos Gomez. When I saw that I figured it was as good an excuse as any to buy something to open. At least I could send the Gomez to Tony from Off Hiatus so I knew it wouldn't be a total loss no matter what else was in there. Well, I sure am glad that I decided to take it home.

I opened he pack first, being careful to put the purple parallels to the side without seeing the others besides the Gomez. I was right about the pack, no help for the set needs, but it did have that gold CJ Cron. These are two of the three purples, the previously mentioned Gomez and a really cool George Springer 'Future Stars'. As nice as the Springer was, my jaw dropped when I saw the third card...

Ohhh Yeahhh(he said in his best 'Macho Man' Randy Savage voice)!!! It's a really clean copy of one of my favorite cards in series one. I had planned to stop searching for parallels of this one and the Jeter checklist card after I finished the base, rainbow, and gold of them both. Now that I have one of the purples though, I might need to search out the purple version of #319 too.


  1. Congrats on your PC pull. Just a side note, the new 2015 Topps Series 2 Toys R Us blisters only come with 1 purple card now (lame I know).

    1. I noticed that and thought about adding that info to the bottom of this post, but as I started writing, it turned into a pretty lengthy rant. So, I got rid of it. It would be fine if they added additional packs or lowered the price point, but they did neither.

  2. Nice pull! I have yet to add a Toys r Us parallel to my collection, and I hope to change that soon.

  3. Thanks Nick! I can make sure to remedy your lack of purple parallels when I send my next PWE to you.

  4. Sweet! I'd say you are on a hot streak now, that counts in my book.