July 19, 2015

Breaking Down a Trade Package

I recently completed my first trade with Gavin over at Baseball Card Breakdown. As has been the case of late, I inquired about a trade in order to pick up a few needs for the Topps Game set from Archives. Things just snowballed from there.

Here are another 5 that arrived around he same time as the 5 from Douglas. I still stand at 20/33 on this set.

I thought it was ironic that I found this in Gavin's envelope. I had recently acquired this in a large lot of 1960's/'70's inserts. The lot primarily consisted of original Game inserts, Deckle, and cloth stickers but there were a few of these booklets. It was great that Gavin sent this over as it is a significant upgrade from the copy I found in the lot.

I will assume that these were the fruits of searching the card show prior to mailing this out. I love the Old Judge autos. I remember both of these guys and it's fun to remember a time when something with a print run of 5750 copies was truly considered limited.

This is one of the few trade packages I've received that has addressed my non-Yankees collections. I like the blue Desmond in particular. There were some Former Durham Bulls thrown in too though they aren't pictured.

Of course the Yankees were fairly represented as well. The Ford is #/499 and the Cone is metal! I had never really seen the prismatic Pacific cards in baseball, just football. Kinda cool to have the Tartabull there. That Larsen is only my third or fourth Golden Age single. I'm not sure about the set as a whole, but the small sample size I have in my collection makes me think the set is well done. This would have been more than enough for an initial trade package, but the real gem of the package was this:

This extremely limited, custom magnet is awesome! I used to be a fan of The Simpsons back when this episode aired and I love the 1991 Studio design. I'd rather forget Steve Sax's tenure as the Yankees second baseman, but I'm thrilled to have this. In fact, it has already assumed a prime location affixed to my magnetic message board next to my desk.

Thanks for a great trade Gavin! I'll have to send another stack of cards your way really soon.


  1. That Simpsons magnet is great! Gavin is the man.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks again. I'll have to agree with the two guys above, the magnet was awesome!