July 25, 2015

Prepping for the Card Show

It seems like forever since I've been able to browse at a local card show. In reality it's only been about 6 months. Tomorrow, that drought will end. So, I find myself feeling a little like a kid on Christmas Eve. My daughters are asleep and I am up getting things ready for what will hopefully be a great day of sifting through cards. 

In my recent trips to the card show, I've really relaxed my 'plan-making'. However, since I started working on putting together some sets, I think I'm going to reconsider. That said, I've put together a loose plan with three primary objectives.

1. Make significant progress towards completing both my Stadium Club and Topps series two sets. I have just shy of 200 cards to go on the SC set and somewhere around 125 cards to go on series two. I don't expect to complete either, but I want to make a serious dent in them both. Enough so that I will feel like it is reasonable to actually add my remaining needs to my 'Sets I'm Working On' page. 

1a. Search for cards to finish the 2015 Topps Game insert and try to track down the final Will Ferrell card I need(the A's).

2. Track down some great deals on cards to send to some of my frequent trading partners.

3. Previous plans that I put together always consisted of putting together a list of cards that I hoped to acquire. Back then, I almost always walked away from any given show disappointed. I hadn't planned to revert back to that, but I have one single card that will make the show a success if I can bring it home. For the last few months, it has been my unofficial public enemy number one. I've made several attempts to win auctions on eBay and have come up short every time so far.

This Mickey Mantle is the biggest name I still have left in my quest to finish the 1968 Topps Game set. I know these are relatively plentiful, but I won't spend beyond a certain point on this one. This is my first show since deciding to collect this set, so I have high hopes that one or more of the usual vendors at this show will have a copy and accept my offer for it. 

I also read earlier tonight on Foul Bunt that I might get the chance to meet its author, William since he is set up there. Whether I complete these goals or not, I know it's going to be a fun day filled with hobby goodness! Goodnight all, thanks for reading.