July 7, 2015

First Completed Set of 2015

Okay, okay, the title's a bit misleading. A recent trade with JayBee who runs the Sports Card Blogroll did allow me to complete my first insert set of the year though. A few weeks back, JayBee posted some cards he pulled from a few jumbo packs of Archives. I saw that he listed the Bryce Harper from the Topps Game insert which I needed for my set build. Despite his repeatedly stating that he doesn't trade very much, I figured I'd take a stab at acquiring it from him. I briefly checked his want list and unfortunately didn't have anything from it to offer. However, I've seen his multiple posts talking about his affinity for the Topps retail team sets. This interest was reiterated in the same post in which I read about the Harper. Since I routinely visit many local Target locations, I figured I'd offer to send one of the team sets that I have access to, hoping that he didn't already order whatever he couldn't get his hands on. Fortunately, there was a set I had access to that he needed and our trade was born. JayBee also sent me a bunch of other set needs to go with the Harper.

Here's the one that started it all. Another of the bigger stars checked off my list, this one puts me at 17 out of 33 cards in-hand(I have three more that are in transit, putting me at 20/33).

I normally wouldn't highlight another Topps base card, but this puts me three cards shy of completing Series One. I'm almost as excited as these guys are!

Next up, I'm three more cards closer to finishing the first series of the 1st Home Run set. I am not picky as to which variation of a player makes it into my set, so long as I have at least one of all 40 players.

There we have them! Those two First Pitch cards finally let me close the door on that set. I finished in time to ramp up my search for the next 10 in the set that were just released in series two! Lastly, He sent me that awesome Puig Robbed insert. It leaves me three shy of finishing that set as well.

Thanks for a great trade JayBee. I'm blown away by your generosity and hope that we can trade again sometime in the future.

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  1. I am happy to see that the cards arrived to you safely. Thank you very much for the NL team set.


    JayBee Anama