July 10, 2015

Congrats to Brett Gardner, AL All-Star

I was thrilled to hear that one of my favorite current Yankees was named to the All-Star squad yesterday. I had been voting for him as my Final Vote candidate. In the absence of The Captain this year, he has really been the heart of a team that is exceeding expectations at the halfway point of the season. His drive and work ethic are unmatched plus he's been an underdog for his entire career which makes it all the easier to pull for him. In honor of his first All-Star Team selection, I wanted to share the only 'rainbow' that I really feel I've completed.

2005 Bowman
2005 Bowman Gold

These two are the paper varieties.

2005 Bowman Chrome
2005 Bowman Chrome refractor

These are the non-serial numbered Chrome versions.

2005 Bowman Chrome xfractor
2005 Bowman Chrome blue refractor

Finally, these are both serially numbered. The xfractor is #/250 while the blue is #/150. Granted, I didn't have to track down any 1/1's here, but this 'rainbow' has more of a place in my collection than any I could try to put together of these more modern day products with a dozen or more variations I'd have to get.

Congrats on the awesome achievement Gardy!


  1. congrats to Brett Gardner!

    Now you can #VoteDozier! The guy leads the American League in Runs Scored and Extra base hits! Leads all 2nd basemen in Homers! And putouts, assists, and double plays turned.....

    1. I already switched my votes to Dozier! I'm hoping he makes it.

  2. Brett Gardner is only the fifth position player that the Yankees drafted and developed to make it to the All Star Game.
    And nice mini rainbow. I just wish he had had a 1st Bowman Chrome autograph that year.

    1. I'm with you, ZZ! It would be really great to have a Bowman Chrome auto.

  3. I was thrilled to see him get selected. He definitely deserves it.

    1. Agreed! Hope he continues the hot hitting through the second half.