July 22, 2015

I Heard A Bowman Hanger Calling My Name

This has been out for a long time now. I thought for sure that I was done for the year. I was in a Walmart and wasn't even planning to look at the poor excuse for a card aisle that they had. We all know how this story ends though... My name is Tim and I'm a pack-aholic. I walked out with this box shaking my head and muttering to myself about having no willpower at all. How could I lose that internal battle once again? I'm not sure why/how, but my gut knew I needed to take this box home.

Pretty decent base and prospect cards.  Love that I pulled the Chrome Bryant too(maybe this will be a sign of my ability to pull his cards going forward, fingers crossed). The yellow Russell is the first decent yellow parallel I've pulled.

I've pulled several of the Top 100 inserts and I like the design. It's great to have this shiny Severino. Here I was thinking this was a good hanger box, my feeling of buyer's remorse mostly gone...then:

I flipped to this. He's not the top of the organization prospect that would've really blown me away(or Rodon or Bryant), but I don't usually have great luck pulling autographs from products, let alone a Yankee auto! Taylor was actually called up to the bigs earlier this season, but was optioned back to Triple-A before logging an AB.

I'm still. It sure what made me decide to grab that box, but I'm sure glad I did. This makes three good pack/box breaks in a row. I think that can qualify as the hot streak I was hoping for. I'm gonna ride it out for as long as I can. Thanks for reading.


  1. That's a cool pull with the Severino and Dugas! Congrats!

  2. Sometimes it pays to trust your gut! It's a great feeling to pull a hit of a player/team that you actually collect!

    1. I agree, but it's a feeling that's all too rare in my experience.

  3. Nice pulls, really like the Bryant card.

  4. Awesome! Always a good feeling to pull a retail auto.