July 23, 2015

Dime Box Nick Sent a PWE and Knocked Out Set Number Three

For some reason, as I typed this post title, I suddenly heard Muhammad Ali saying 'float like a butterfly, sting like a bee'! I'm not sure that there is any point in my mentioning that other that to give you a bit of insight into the random thoughts that enter my head at a moment's notice. 

Speaking of random, Mr. Random himself, Nick from the Dime Boxes blog recently dropped an awesome PWE on me. As expected, Nick packed the envelope with incredible randomness, hitting many different parts of my collection. Let's dig in.

I've always loved 'The Man in Black' and actually have a full sheet of these stamps in my collection. I knew it would be an incredible package when I saw that this was the stamp Nick used to send it!

Minis! The Grandy Man is the first of the newer Topps Minis that I've added to my collection, but after seeing one in person, I'm certain it won't be the last. The GQ mini O'Neill is #/199. I will always welcome a new card of 'The Warrior'.

Next up, a tribute to Negro League Baseball. Josh Gibson is one of my favorites, and the 2014 Classics was new to me. At least you can understand if a company recycles the same photo on multiple releases for these guys since there is a finite number of photos available. That being said, the Classics card is really great, nice design, good use of the photo...it truly looks classic. I had a few other Greats of the Game Negro League players from this set, but somehow the Kimbro had eluded me until this envelope arrived.

Moving on to oddballs! What would an envelope from Nick be with something a bit odd? I dig the Purina Guidry, especially because it has logos. I'm particularly fond of the Sterling Hitchcock. It is from the 2003 Upper Deck McDonald's regional set. To this point, I had only had the Jeter and the Hideki Matsui. Sterling makes three. Seeing this fall out of the stack reminds me how much I'd like to have this complete set. Hmmm, maybe I'll have to get to work on that...

From the odd, to the vintage(vintage-like). That Johnny Kucks(that obviously belonged to Don) is my first '59 Topps card. Sorry Don, your loss is my gain! The faux vintage Longoria is an SP from that set, definitely appreciated.

Nick knows my affinity for 'season/playoff highlight' cards, and he didn't disappoint there either. Bonus points that he found two Yankees highlights to send my way. Extra bonus points that one of those Yankees highlights has The Mick on it!

Here it is. The final card I needed to complete 2015 Topps series one! Figures it would have been a Red Sox card(even if he isn't on the BoSox anymore) that was holding me up(sorry Shane). That makes three sets completed over the past few weeks.  Hope I can keep it up and finish a few more!

Thanks Nick! I've got your next PWE almost packed and ready to go. It's always a pleasure swapping cards with you, looking forward to the next round!


  1. Nice PWE! Must have felt great knocking off Series 1! Getting there myself...

    1. It was a relief to get it finished for sure. I was hoping to have had it done before series 2, but no luck. I've scrapped any ideas of finishing series 2 before Update comes out... I'll be sure to take another look at your set needs before sending my next envelope your way.

  2. Glad you enjoyed everything, Tim! The Johnny Cash stamps have gone over quite well with my trading partners.

    1. Yeah, like I said, I knew the stamp was foreshadowing of the coming awesomeness! Thanks again!

  3. Exc assortment from DBN! I also collect Negro Leaguers. Gibson is a fave of mine too.