October 28, 2015

A Football Repack for a Change

I don't usually go for football repacks. There's just way more for me to enjoy in the randomness of the baseball ones. However, I always take a look at the card showing on each one I see. When I saw that Odell Beckham Jr staring back at me from the front of this repack hanging on a hook at my local Walgreens, I couldn't pass it up.

I'll start with some guys that I kinda liked back when they were still playing. I've never been a Giants fan, but I dug the way Strahan played the game. Herschel Walker was one of he best running backs in the league when I first started watching games. Randy Moss was one heck of an exciting player in the early years of his career. I remember tuning in to Sportscenter to see what incredible plays he made each Sunday in his rookie season.

Next up, two Broncos for the collection. I loved Simon Fletcher in his heyday. He and Karl Mecklenburg were the anchors of the defense in the mid to late '80's. The Moreno makes me a bit sad. He was finally able to put it all together in 2013 and helped Denver reach the Super Bowl...we won't talk about how that went though. Ever since, he has spent way more time on the sidelines than on the field which is unfortunate. Lastly, that's a great action shot of Steve Smith while he was still with Carolina.

Here are the goods, the rookies! Of course, that first one is the repack face card and the reason I bought this thing in the first place. I kinda like the Turkey Red set from last season, nice to have such a great RC from the set. Plus, it's only my second ODB rookie. The other is from the Bowman set, so this one blows that out of the water if for no other reason than it actually shows him in his NFL uniform. As I flipped through, I was surprised to find the Matt Ryan in the stack. This comes from a time when I wasn't buying any football cards at all. It's a welcome addition of a great QB. Lastly, I was really surprised to see that Marvin Harrison RC in the middle of the pile. I collected quite a bit back in 1996 when this one came out, but this is new to me.

The unopened pack in there has stayed that way, for now. It is a 1991 Score pack. I've got so much of that sitting in a 5000 ct. box, I figured I could get away with leaving it sealed for the time being. My final impression of the repack is that it was a really good value. I would have been happy even if the only 'keeper' was the Beckham, but getting the Ryan and Harrison RCs, a few Broncos, and some cardboard reminders of a few good players from my childhood made it great! Thanks for reading.


  1. I love the generic baseball repacks that Walgreens carries. I just bought one myself last weekend that I have yet to do a write-up about. For five bucks, it's a few minutes of zen that can't be beat.

    1. I couldn't agree more. There are two Walgreens within five minutes of my office. Grabbing one of those repacks when I'm having a bad day is a pretty easy way to turn things around.

  2. "Randy Moss was one heck of an exciting player in the early years of his career" - and in 2007!!! ;-)