October 25, 2015

Single Card Post Sunday #2

Welcome to the second week of what I hope to make a regular series: Single Card Post Sunday. I had this week's card all scanned and ready to write about until Friday night. That's when I picked up a few rack packs of Topps Update and when I pulled this insert, I knew that I wanted to share it today. That other card will just have to wait until some other Sunday.

Josh Gibson is one of my favorite players from the Negro League era. There's just something about the many legends/myths that surround his career. He was known by some as the 'black Babe Ruth' and by some accounts hit over 800 home runs in his career. In fact, it is said that some who were fortunate enough to have seen both Ruth and Gibson play actually called Ruth the 'white Josh Gibson'! While there is no fact to back any of this up, it sure does make for great storytelling. 

This new Tape Measure Blasts insert isn't the most imaginative, but I do like adding another Gibson to the collection. It's definitely a bonus that this card highlights a home run that he hit at Yankee Stadium when he was only 18 years old. This card hits on so many of my collecting interests; Negro League player, it's tied to the Yankees, and it's a great bit of baseball history immortalized on cardboard. This moment was sure a glimpse of what was to come in his all too short career.

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