October 11, 2015

Raleigh Card Show Post 3 of 3 - Relics, Autos, and Other Big Spending

Let's launch straight into the most expensive cards that I purchased all day. For the second straight show, I saw fellow blogger William of the Orioles-centric blog Foul Bunt set up as a vendor. While we chatted about everything from pro wrestling to his recent trip to the National, I flipped through a few dollar boxes he had set up.

I snagged this gold parallel of the current Yankees manager and picked out a few others that I needed. While my total purchase may not have put me in the 'big spender' category, it's always nice to see a fellow blogger in person.

I couldn't pass up this Desmond liquorfractor and I couldn't believe my eyes when I flipped to this Turkey Red Josh Gibson.

Next to William's table was a guy who had all sorts of vintage sorted by year. I wanted to find some vintage oddball stuff which was tough since he mostly had singles for the set collectors.

After some digging, I was able to find this Topps Embossed Bobby Richardson for another dollar. There was a few other singles to be had, but they were in pretty rough shape and not worth the asking price. I am very close to completing the 1968 Topps Game set and have out a pretty good dent into the 1969 Deckle set. It's possible that this vintage oddball set will be next on my list to hunt down.

My last stop of the day was a guy that had a bunch of relic/auto boxes marked at $3 each. I normally don't spend too much time looking through boxes like these, but after flipping through a stack or two I saw enough that interested me that I was hooked.

This was the first card that really drew me in. Over the past few weeks, I've been slowly accumulating rookie cards of Virgil Green and this is the first auto I've been able to add.

Shortly after unearthing the Green RC auto, I found this Bradley Roby auto. I bid on a few of these last season when they first came out, but I didn't win one. Now I can add one to my Broncos collection.

I couldn't pass on this cheap Rays prospect auto. It's quite possible that Tyler here will be playing in Durham sometime in the next season or two.

Next up, I pulled another Rays prospect auto. Floro played in Durham this season and I was able to see him pitch a few games. Floro began the season pitching really well for the Bulls, but then he had some really terrible outings and was inconsistent down the stretch. In his first season at Triple A, he certainly showed some signs that he may be able to handle a spot in the Rays rotation, but he will definitely need to learn to limit those big innings against him.

This was far and away my favorite baseball auto of the day. I thought I was lucky to find this Guyer in the discount bin. He's been a really solid player over the past few seasons for the Rays and I really enjoyed watching him play with the Bulls when he was in Durham. 

As I flipped through those boxes, I picked out a few here and there that will end up taking a trip via the USPS in the near future. All told, I picked out more than ten at $3 per. When I handed them to the vendor to pay, he counted them out once and then said 'No, let's do it like this'. He proceeded to count them out again at what turned out to be only $2/card instead. Obviously, I was even happier to grab these cards for me and a few trading partners at that price. That one final deal made the day all the better. I'm glad it was a good one since the show won't be returning to Raleigh until December. I guess that just gives me some extra time to pad my budget for that show! Thanks for reading.


  1. Nice to see dealers working with you. I stopped going to shows in the Pittsburgh area because it was just the same guys over and over pricing their cards crazy high. $2 autos is a great deal.

  2. Nice scores, that Roby looks great scanned