November 27, 2015

Contest Winnings From Sports Card Collectors Blog

A short while back, I commented on a post over at Sports Card Collectors blog and was entered into a contest. Surprisingly, my name was at the top of the randomized when all was said and done. Soon after, I received my winnings.

Two unopened packs of 2015 Panini Player of the Day packs. Each pack had two cards, one veteran and one rookie. I could hardly wait to open them long enough to take this picture of the unopened packs. Let's see pack one(the top one).

The design is nothing to knock your socks off, but it is clean. Honestly, I don't think there is anyone in the set that I would have wanted to pull less than Kaepernick. I don't like the '49ers and I don't care for  their current QB. The pack was saved by the appearance of that Gurley. He's turning in quite the season thus far and is probably one of the hottest rookies right now. On to the second pack.

The veteran part of this pack is infinitely better that the first pack. The Panthers would have to be my second favorite team in he NFL, mostly because they are essentially my 'home' team. As an added bonus, the team is playing really well. As for the rookie, Mariota is having a pretty solid, if unremarkable,  first year.

The backs are alright, with the large Player of the Day logo and a short write-up. Sorry the Kaepernick didn't make the cut for the card back scan.

Nice contest. Two packs of cards that I wouldn't have seen otherwise, a Panthers player, and two of the season's best rookies make for some pretty exciting winnings. Thanks Sports Card Collectors and thanks to Panini.

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  1. I'm sure you saw but Keuchly had picks on back to back plays, dude is a beast!