November 20, 2015

Package(s) From the Dollar Store

As is the case with all of my recently received trade packages, this post is long overdue. I'm so late posting, in fact, that buckstorecards from Sportscards From The Dollar Store actually sent a second envelope of awesomeness before I had written up the first one. So, this post brings you the highlights of both packages received from my North of the border trading partner. First up, a packed bubble mailer filled with football and hockey goodness.

The NFL highlights kick this one off! The Thomas is a really cool die-cut, acetate card and despite ripping some 2015 Topps, I needed both the Sanders and he Knighton.

This is AWESOME! An All-Pro relic of Von Miller, #/299. I'm. It sure what it is, but I like the design on is one.

Now, let's slide on over to the NHL part of the package.

The good thing about getting hockey cards in any trade package is that it's been so long since I picked any up, that they're almost guaranteed to be all new to me! That said, it's great to add another Brodeur. That logo sticker in the middle is shiny and's great!

Another Brodeur and one of only a handful of Jagr cards I own from his time in NJ. I assume the Zajac is one of those Target exclusive Prizm parallels(someone please correct me if I'm wrong), the first of its kind that I own.

This is the first hockey auto that I've added since the days shortly after those Be A Player packs came out and had an auto in each pack. I picked up a handful of those back in the day, but never got anyone noteworthy. I was blown away by all te cool stuff that I hadn't seen before in that first envelope. I even had it all scanned, but just hadn't gotten around to writing about it. Then, a little over a week ago, a PWE arrived.

Inside, I found a new A-Rod, my first 2015 GK, and another nice NJ Devils shiny card. I particularly love the DeMarcus Ware. The artwork is really well done!

More Devils! This time they're a blast from the past. Three great defensemen from the early to mid-nineties teams that I remember from when I first got into watching hockey.

Last, but certainly not least, this is my first Devils player relic card. I think it looks great! After these two packages from up North, I owe Douglas pretty big. I've been slowly building a stack to send back to Canada. Thanks for two great packages from the Dollar Store.


  1. That Von Miller card is awesome. Just got a awesome package from Douglas the other day, looks like I'm going to the card show tomorrow....

  2. If I had room, I'd collect hockey cards for their sheer beauty, with an emphasis on Goalies.