February 5, 2016

2016 Topps Jumbo Box Busting - part 1

Yesterday, while I was on break from my long shift at the office, I was able to pick up my pre-ordered Topps Jumbo box. I got a really good deal from the guy that used for run one of the best local card shops in my area. Jimmy from Big D's Sports Cards had to close up shop last year, but he still orders product and sells to his loyal customers.

Since I got home from work late and had to take care of my one month old throughout the night, I haven't had the chance to rip the entire box yet. So, I decided to break the box in half. In this post, I'll share packs 1-5 and I'll share packs 6-10 soon(likely tomorrow or Monday since I have a post ready for Super Bowl Sunday already). Let's get to it!

First up, a few of the standout base cards. I know everyone will be showing the 'bat flip' card, but I couldn't resist, it's awesome! I really dig the Twins team card celebration. Of course, I had to pick a few Yankees too.

A few of the key rookies that I've pulled thus far. Five packs in and no Schwarber to be seen. I will let you all know that if you have any Shaffer or Turner RCs or parallels that are looking for good homes, look no further. I'd happily trade for them!

I've pulled one buyback thus far and it couldn't be a worse player. I mean this is the guy that they named the 'Mendoza Line' after. Just a horrible hitter... On to better things, I've pulled two Wrigley inserts, but they have both been Babe Ruth. I love he Bambino, but I'd much rather have another card towards finishing the set. The more I see of the Perspectives insert, the more I fall in love with it!

More Perspectives! I particularly like the Tex and Ichiro!

Sadly, I've pulled the two promised 'relics' and I'm less than thrilled with them. Parallels have been plentiful(golds and rainbows) and I was lucky to pull a black parallel of Wade Davis.  It'll likely be headed to a fellow Super Trader despite being a former Bull. Oh, no SP or SSP pulls as yet either.

Overall, halfway through the box and things could be better, but they could be way worse! At least I still have the auto to look forward to and hopefully a Schwarber or two. I will say that I wish collation was better. I've pulled dupes on the Ruth insert and I've pulled two First Pitch cards so far, both of the Boston Marathon survivor woman. Stay tuned for the rest of the break! Thanks for reading.


  1. I really like that Mendoza buyback. He's one of my PC guys.

    1. I'd be happy to set up a trade to send it your way.

  2. Is that a 2 color Johnson relic?

  3. That Ichiro card is a good one.

    Lol on Mendoza, but now i want one of his cards, just for the irony.

  4. My jumbo box had a Yan Gomes auto, plain gray swatch Teixeira. manu-relic Ted Williams (which was nice enough to keep.) oh an a TON of dupes - even the inserts were duped throughout the box. Total waste of money and for the most part, the design is unappealing (to say it kindly.)

  5. HA! now I must obtain a copy of the Kennys Vargas card disguised as a Twins team card. That was possibly his only highlight in MN in 2015.