February 25, 2016

Final Card Show Recap - All the Rest

Sorry for stretching the recap posts of my first card show of 2016 for almost two weeks. Unfortunately, I don't have the option of hitting up a show every weekend or even once a month so I've got to make it last on he rare occasions I am able to make it to one. One of the regular vendors I visit puts together his own home-made repacks. I've written about them multiple times before and as anyone who has read the content here should know, I am a sucker for these kind of things, he doesn't grow 'hits' into these repacks, but at roughly 59 cards per pack and a price tag of 3 for a dollar, you absolutely can't go wrong. This show was a rarity for me, as I only picked up 6 packs because he was running pretty low by the time I got to his table. He had mostly basketball with a few football and baseball packs mixed in. Apparently, I am not the only one of his regulars that loves those repacks.

I already posted the highlights of the football pack. Here are some of the highlights from the baseball counterparts.

I had to grab the pack that had the Bernie 'Electric Diamond' parallel as a face card. I remember busting a lot of 1994 Upper Deck when I was younger. Unlike many, I really liked the design of that set. I already had the Tino WS Highlight but I wasn't going to let the opportunity to show off a great moment in Yankees history slip by.

I always love getting new to me Conlon Collection singles and once or twice I have been lucky enough to pull a piece of vintage cardboard from one of these. It's never been a star, but it's still nice to find a '68 Topps in the randomness that usually falls out of these team bags.

It's was awesome to see a Bo Jackson that I hadn't seen before, but my favorite card of this group was definitely the 1989 World Series game 3 highlight. Back in those days I was quite the Oakland A's fan.

Wrapping up the repacks are two more of the 2013 Topps blue sparkle parallels. I found my first one of these in one of these repacks sometime late last year and I was thrilled to add two more at this show. At some point, I should really work on picking up some of the Yankees. Like so many of these kind of parallels, the scans don't do them justice. They're so much nicer in hand. I threw the Garza in here because I used to like him pretty well when he was still with Tampa and I really like the throwback jersey. Next up, the goods from the lone bunch of dime boxes I was able to find.

From one throwback to another. I hadn't seen that A-Rod before, but him rocking the Washington jersey and that Oakland throwback make for one heck of a dime spent! I grabbed another copy of the Ichiro United We Stand card because it was a condition upgrade from the one I had.

I'll take some 1994 Bowman's Best at a dime a pop as well, especially the Wagner RC and the rookie year Jorge!

I love El Duque and I couldn't leave this one behind, even is it plays tricks on the eyes. It's certainly one of the more odd inserts I've seen.

Things got a really odd after that...oddball that is! I'm pretty sure that I had the figure that went with that Canseco card many moons ago.

Probably my favorite card unearthed in the dime boxes was this rookie year Bo Jackson SportFlics! From there, I dug in some quarter boxes.

I was really happy to rescue those few Godzilla RCs and the Rated rookie of the new Yankees second baseman.

Moving up the ladder towards more expensive items, these were a buck a piece. I'd have gladly paid three dollars for the Mattingly Museum Collection so it was awesome to take all three of these home for  $3!

Here is the card that I bundled into the 1951 Topps Rizzuto purchase from the first recap post. All told it ended up costing just shy of $2. Not bad for my first Kemp RC. Lastly, is my second most expensive purchase of the day:

This one broke the bank at a whopping $2.50 since I grabbed one other card with it from a 2 for $5 box. The other card will be finding its way to a mailbox(perhaps near you) in the near future! I hope Cobb can make a successful return from surgery this season. Maybe I'll even get the good fortune to see a rehab start or two here in Durham! Thanks for hanging in through all four installments of the show recap. The next local show is a few months away so I promise this won't be a regular occurance.


  1. Nice haul! Museum Collection is the best!

  2. I bet that Arrieta refractor would go for at least ten times what you paid here in the Chicago area. I'd fork over a buck for that one all day. Love the dime box gets, too. I own the Randy Johnson from that "Diamond Magic" insert set and it certainly does play tricks on the eyes.

  3. Nice haul! I really like that Aroldis Chapman throwback parallel.

  4. Nice score on the Cobber, that rotation is gonna be so good if he comes back healthy.

  5. WHOA - did the throwbacks on the A-Rod card. (hitting ebay)