February 21, 2016

Purple Topps of the 2016 Variety

Topps is running their hobby shop Spring Fever promo again this season and I had every intention of making it out to my most local shop that was participating. However, the period to make purchases and receive the redemption cards for the packs ended today. A number of factors contributed to my inability to get to the shop in time. So, once it became obvious that I wasn't going to be able to participate in that promo, I decided to seek out some Toys R Us exclusive purple parallels to help dull the pain and fill the void. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the packaging was the same as series one of last year: one pack and three purple parallels for $2.99. I grabbed a few and got to ripping. Since the base cards have been scanned excessively at this point, I'm just going to share the best of the exclusives.

Woohoo, pulled a Refsnyder. Now I only need the Severino and Bird to round out the Yankee RCs. I was pretty happy to get a copy of the Mookie Betts too. Man, Tim from a few years back wouldn't have been able to appreciate any BoSox cards...I'm glad that guy is gone!

That Sal Perez World Series card is one of my favorite base cards in series one. I like how it seems the purple works with the Royals for some reason. Maybe that's just me. It's a great addition to my season highlights/World Series collection. Only grabbed a few packs and I was lucky enough to pull two Yankees. I've got a few others, but they weren't very scan worthy and I wanted this to be a relatively short post. I can say with certainty that I'll be picking up at least a few more of these packs before I call it quits on series one. I'll be sure to share if I pull anything good. Thanks for reading.


  1. I'm always surprised at how much I love the purple parallels. I agree with you on that Sal Perez. Might be my favorite non-Jose Bautista card from Series 1.

  2. I think the Sal Perez card breaks the record for cameos.

    1. Agreed. When I first saw it, I thought it was a team card.

  3. Love the Perez and super jealous of that Betts. Looks like you did well with these!

  4. I will always think purple cards are the best cards (unless they're Rockies... then they're the worst).

  5. These are nice!It looks like the purple corners are converging.