February 9, 2016

The Great Trade Post Catch Up Continues With Cards From Brad

Now that the Super Bowl is in the rear-view mirror, I can return to the business of showing my gratitude to the great folks in the cardphere. As has been the case with most of my trade posts, this is long overdue. According to my email history, I must have received this package from Brad of Brad's Blog way back at the end of November. It was a generous medium sized bubble mailer packed with three team bags worth of cardboard.

There was some really great stuff in there, and I've selected the best of the bunch to highlight here.

I don't have many Bowman Chrome gold refractors of Yankees prospects. The William Oliver is #/50 and extremely shiny. The Yankees released him at the end of the 2012 season and he's been floating around the independent league ever since, but it's still a really nice looking card. The Jeter is significantly less shiny and the Gardner isn't shiny at all. All three are great additions.

From here on out, we're pretty much all shiny, all the time! Here are three great Yankee favorites. I didn't have that retail Ruth refractor and didn't even know that Gehrig existed. Look at how young Jeter looks and check out the Yankee Stadium facade worked into the design.

This is a very welcome trio of Yankees x-fractors. These really look nice all lined up together.

Relics! I hadn't seen any of the gold sparkly Golden Moments before finding this AJ Burnett in this package. It's numbered #/99 and has a great pinstripe! We close out the highlights of an awesome package with 'Prime Time'! Actually, if I want to be historically accurate for the time frame, I think that's 'Neon' Deion. Either way, I'm slowly but surely accumulating 1st Home Run medallions of players I actually like.

Thanks Brad! This was a really great trade package and I am in the process of putting together a stack of Phillies to send back your way.

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  1. Those first home run medallion cards are some of the better manufactured relic cards out there I think. Looks like a pretty good haul!