February 8, 2016

The Broncos Defense Decided To #keeppounding Cam Newton

When I had started composing this post yesterday, I knew it could obviously go one of two ways. Either this would be a tribute post that said 'good job' on a great season, we'll get 'em next year or it could be this post. Thanks to the Broncos defense the Lombardi Trophy is headed back to the Mile High City!

The following trio from the defense are guys for whom I didn't have any Broncos cards for so I decided to go with the next best thing. Digital cards of them from my Huddle app!

I don't have much to say about Talib other than he is a great defender. I wish he was a bit more professional otherwise. 

Chris Harris Jr. has been one of the best corners that doesn't get a lot of recognition out there. All season, he routinely played the role of 'shut-down' corner and did it well! 

What can I say about Malik Jackson? He quietly goes about his business and is a big reason the defense played so well against the run all year. Plus, he's the guy that recovered the fumble in the end zone for the touchdown early in the 'Big Game'!

Williams is another one of those guys whose name you don't hear all that often, but without him, the other guys won't make a lot of the plays that they're able to. Shane Ray was a rookie this year and he made one hell of a hit on Cam last night. I'm hoping to see big things from him in the years to come.

Danny Trevathan and TJ Ward were definitely linked briefly last night. Ward came up wit a crucial pick and fumbled as he was running it back. Luckily, Trevathan was there for his second fumble recovery of the night. It would have been deep in the red zone and likely an easy score for the Panthers without Danny being in the right place at that time. These are the only Broncos cards that I own of each of these guys. I hope I'm able to change that in the near future.

Roby was just in his second year, but he really emerged as an excellent cover guy in the latter part of the season. He made some really big plays in the Division and Conference Title games and he kept up that momentum last night.

Wolfe has been incredible on the line all year. He allows for a situation where if this guy doesn't get you than that one will...and if that guy doesn't then this one will. He definitely finishes the trio of hard to handle guys that make up the core up front.

D-Ware! I am so happy that he came to Denver and will now have a championship ring. He was an absolute monster all year and certainly had a case for being the MVP of the game last night.

That brings me to the man! Von was unstoppable in both the AFC Championship and the Super Bowl. They were quite the mind boggling performances he was able to put together at the time where they were needed most. I hear the Broncos are already planning to place the Franchise tag on him and work towards a multi-year contract extension. I sure hope that Elway can work his magic and get the deal done!

I mean, he's got to have some kind of leverage speaking from one Super Bowl MVP to another, right? 

I couldn't be happier with the outcome of the game last night and I'm thrilled that the defense was at the center of it like they have been since week 1. Thanks for reading. Go Broncos!!!


  1. So glad yall won, couldn't stand hearing about Carolina being one of the best teams ever all year next year. Congrats

  2. So glad yall won, couldn't stand hearing about Carolina being one of the best teams ever all year next year. Congrats

  3. Watching this game in Downtown Denver was a pretty unique experience. Still in a state of disbelief!

    1. That's incredible! I can't even imagine what it must have been like. Are you going to the parade today?