February 3, 2016

Recently Acquired Ink From a Few of My Favorite Bulls

Now that I've had the chance to rip my first packs of 2016 product, and with Spring Training approaching, I find myself looking forward to another season of Durham Bulls baseball with my family. I know I've written about some of my favorite players that I've had the opportunity to watch up close at the DBAP before. Until recently, my collection of most of these guys has consisted of base, a few parallels, and Bulls team set cards. Thanks to some Paypal funds, courtesy of the recent sale of a few unwanted cards, I decided that I needed to add some substance to my former Bulls collection. A few eBay steals and a rather large chunk of Listia credits later and I am the proud owner of some great autos.

Snell is the most recent player that I had the fortune to see play in Durham. He had quite an impressive 2015 across three minor league levels and walked away with multiple Minor League Player/Pitcher of the Year awards. This one was found during a trek through the Land of Listia and cost me a nice chunk of credits, but it was definitely worth it. This picture doesn't come close to doing it justice! I'm not sure whether he'll officially be a former Durham Bull to open the season or if I'll have an opportunity to see him start a few more games before making his way to Tampa. Either way, I'm happy to add this certified auto to my in-person signature I snagged at the end of last season.

Next up is this great rookie year, serial numbered auto of Brandon Guyer. A few seasons back, he was my favorite Bull. He plays at 110% all the time and I dig that. This is my second Guyer auto, but my first showing him in a Rays uni. I was overjoyed to win this one for just over three bucks shipped on eBay.

Last, but certainly not least, is probably my current favorite non-Yankee.

I have been keeping my eyes open for one of these Kiermaier RC's almost since it was released. Though he's not a superstar, every copy that I have seen has gone for way more than I wanted to spend on it and most had either a plain white swatch or a piece of bat chip. When I saw this one pop up through my eBay saved searches I knew I had to make a serious run at it. At the end of the auction, when the dust settled(there was a crazy, last second flurry of bidding) I was thrilled to be the highest bidder. 

This concludes my brief distraction from the pending 2016 Topps obsession. Said obsession will likely return tomorrow or Friday at the latest since I will be taking delivery of my jumbo hobby box tomorrow around mid-day. Thanks for reading!


  1. Love that Kk card. Snell looks ready but I doubt the Rays start his service clock until they have to.

  2. I saw Brandon Guyer play in Peoria. He is full throttle all the time. Hard not to root for that guy.