February 24, 2016

Double Dose of #supertraders


This arrived not long ago, and so it began. I received my first two packages from members of the Super Traders group on he same day, so I decided to write them up in the same post. The first was a size able bubble mailer from the founder himself, Wes from Jaybarkerfan's Junk. It was chock full o' Rays.

Parallels abounded. These weren't even all of them, not by a long shot. Yunel knows it Wes, you're the man! I think my favorite of this bunch is the mound conference on the Alex Cobb.

Minis were in there too! I got to watch Desmond Jennings in Durham, and I'm quite disappointed thathis MLB career has been pretty lackluster. With all of the outfield talent they have in the system, he may be out if he can't figure out a way to hit the ball a little bit.

There was some shiny in there too. His only scratches the surface(more to come in a moment). Nice to have a Wade Davis chrome and the Kazmir is #/10! Hard to believe that he began with the Rays, he has molded quite a respectable career since his departure from FL.

These are mostly shiny and all numbered to /400 or less. My favorite is definitely the Alex Sanchez. I remember watching him play in Durham too and I loved the 1998 Bowman's Best design. This happens to be my first refractor from that set, and here are only 400 of them. Back then, it was a big deal to be limited to that low a number!

That concludes a really solid package from Wes to lead things off. The second package to arrive that same day came from Brian of HSCA. He is quite the prolific trader and I received one of his kickoff PWEs.

I love adding new cards of Boggs from his days in Tampa. It is an underrepresented period in my collection. Hey, there's a base 1998 Bowman's Best! The Price is the purple refractor. I sometimes wish he was still pitching in Tampa, especially now that he'll be toeing the rubber in Boston this season.

While I was a fixture at the ballpark in the years surrounding Longoria's MLB debut, I was not collecting at the time. Therefore, I've been late to the party in acquiring his RCs. This UD Masterpieces is new to me and has  immediately become the favorite RC of his in my possession. I love the canvas look and feel! Brian loaded some other Rays in there, but he also sent this:

I snagged my first 2015 Certified cards(Shane Ray RCs) at the recent card show I visited, but having this Elway fall out of the PWE was a great surprise! So there is my first Super Traders experience. If all of the packages are this strong, I'll be glad that I've been planning to step up my game on my outgoing packages. Thanks Wes and Brian, I've got some cardboard almost ready to be packed up and shipped out in your directions. Hope you enjoy it as much as I dug what you sent my way! Thanks for reading.

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