February 13, 2016

Cards From the Clubhouse

Before I get to the details of another great trade package, I just have to say the following: IT'S CARD SHOW DAY!!! Yes, today I will be making my way to my first show of 2016. I'm a tad bit excited of you couldn't tell. Truth is, all of my fellow Super Traders(and other trade buddies) should be excited too. I'm looking to pick up little gems that are just screaming to be relocated to new homes all across the US/Canada and even France! Of course, I'll be looking to add a few nice things for myself too. I can't wait to get back and post about my findings(and mail some of them out too)! Now, back to your regularly scheduled trade post.

The next stop for the Great Trade Post Catch Up train comes courtesy of Adam over at Cardboard Clubhouse. It was another in a series of packed, padded envelopes that arrived amidst trying to adjust to the new schedule of having a newborn in the house again, and it was the first trade package arrival of 2016.

A little nostalgia to start things off on the right foot! It seems I've been racking up quite a few Yankees buyback cards over the past weeks and this well worn Bobby Murcer continues that trend. Man, I remember Roberto Kelly for two big reasons: he was my 'Bernie Williams' before Bernie actually came into the picture and he was involved in the trade hat brought Paul O'Neill to the Yankees! No offense Roberto, but that trade favored the guys in Pinstripes.

Ugh! Brien Taylor...I'm not even going to elaborate. On a more positive note, who remembered that Brad Ausmus began his respectable career in the Yankees system? Alvaro Espinosa has the distinction of being the best(or at least fan favorite) of the many Yankee shortstops that filled the role until some guy by the name of Jeter came to town.

This is a nice trio of Yankee hurlers. I especially like the angle on the Doc Gooden. Oh wait, that's probably because it's from Collector's Choice. Have I mentioned lately how much I love that brand?

When I flipped to these in the package, I was so happy! They're my first 3D cards from a fairly recent Archives release. These are really nicely done and now that I have two of them, it's got me considering the idea of chasing the rest of that set. The Grandy man has me one more single closer to at least finishing the mini Yankees team set from that year.

These are two that I had inquired about, but knowing that they'd be in here didn't take away from my excitement about receiving them! I'm slowly chipping away at the All-Star Access insert, and the Gallo Update Chrome brings my set completion number to 43/50. I'm almost there!

Adam also included a few Broncos cards. Somehow, I don't think I had the Elway and Simon Fletcher was one of the standouts on the defense back in the '80's. I love that NFL 75th Anniversary patch...oh wait that's Collector's Choice again. Baseball, football, no matter the sport it was a great brand. I'm thrilled to have the Latimer parallel. He's still young, but I'm hoping to see big things from him in the coming years. He's going to have to play a big role if the Broncos are going to challenge for another Suoer Bowl Championship.

Thanks Adam! Great stuff all around. I'm compiling a return package for you that will hopefully bring you as many smiles as these have brought me. Thanks everyone for reading, I'm going off to the show!


  1. Still waiting for my first card show of the year. And like you, I hope to find some great deals to whet the appetites of our ST group!

  2. I am heading to my first show right now!

  3. I missed the first card show of the year- didn't even know about it until this morning when I went searching for a date. Anyway- good luck at the show!