February 29, 2016

If Only It Was Like Upper Deck

I'll admit it, this is a filler post. However, the more thought I've out into this topic, the more I wish it would actually happen. I know many of you don't care much for the digital trading card apps out there, but I've been a regular user of Topps Huddle, Bunt, and Kick and more recently, Upper Deck's ePack. I can honestly say that I have never spent a cent on these digital cards, but I have enjoyed 'opening' the digital packs using the credits I get for free for checking in every day. I've pulled some pretty cool 'cards' from each app, but my new favorites were recent pulls from Huddle. Shortly after the Denver Broncos' victory parade, there was a digital insert set featuring photos from the parade. I was fortunate enough to pull these:

There he is, the man who has been an integral part of each of the Broncos Super Bowl wins(in one way or another)!

This is a really cool 'card' that captures the energy of the scene that day. Cards like this are right up my alley! Having pulled these two cards, I've really started to wish that Topps would alter the way they handle the digital cards they issue. It would be incredibly cool if they would offer the chance to have physical cards shipped to you if you choose. I know the semantics if this would be difficult to work out, but I would love to have these two cards in a tangible collectible form. Oh well, for now that's a pipe dream. Perhaps Topps is listening. Maybe offering this option will be a reality in the future. Until then, I'll have to bask in the glow of my iPad screen while I enjoy looking at these reminders of my favorite team's championship season. Thanks for reading.


  1. Elway built it all. Glad y'all won, I try to get into Bunt but can't seem to stick with it.

  2. I think there may be a rights issue at this point. Panini signed an exclusive, so they're the only ones allowed to print NFL cards . Whereas Topps is the only one with a digital license.

    Kind of silly, because it doesn't allow for the crossover that Upper Deck is touting for their e-pack thing.