February 15, 2015

Group Break Spoils courtesy of Nachos Grande

Yesterday I received the flat rate box that contained the haul from my first ever group break. I must say thanks to Chris over at Nachos Grande blog for hosting this. While I have no frame of reference, I really enjoyed the whole experience of being a part of his break. I found myself looking forward to watching the videos, filled with anticipation at what might be revealed from each pack. I've been eagerly anticipating each posted update with the highlights of each box as well(especially since it was hard to get a great look at some of the cards on the videos).

On to the contents of the box. The base additions brought my set needs down to 80 to complete the 350-card set(slowly but surely getting there). I'm still deciding which insert sets I'll try to complete(if any), but it was really great to check out the write ups on the Yankee and Cubs players that were sent my way. Chris also kept things interesting by throwing in a few unexpected bonuses for me to find as I was opening the multiple team bags within the box, like these:

Here are two of the Munnatawket custom minis that I've read so much about. I'll take whatever Jeter's I can find, so it was a nice surprise to see this fall out of the middle of a stack. Also included was this Chipz of CC Sabathia:

This is the first of these that I've laid hands on. They're an interesting idea, but I'm not sure that I'd actually buy packs of these. It's probably better that way, one less product to find funds for.

I won't lie, I was hoping that a gold parallel of one or the other of DJ's cards would be pulled, but no luck there. However, I am happy with the Tanaka and Gardner golds and I really like the gold Cubs team card. That was not the end of the parallel goodness either. These two were also pulled:

The Junior lake is one of the snow camo parallels numbered /99. I like the design, but more than likely this one will eventually find a new home elsewhere. I really haven't been a fan of the pink parallels in the past, but this one does look a little better than previous attempts. It doesn't hurt that it is a Yankee and...

There are only 50 of them! I've got big hopes for Pineda this coming season, if he can stay healthy and keep his hands out of the pine tar!

As I watched the videos, I kept seeing the Gallery of Greats inserts being pulled, but never a Yankee. I believe it was the final box and finally I saw that one would be coming my way!

This set truly is beautifully done. I'm glad to have one in the collection. It's a long way to complete that set, but I may have to tackle that task.

When I took the Cubs and was able to add the Yankees a bit later, I had visions/daydreams that one of the relics pulled would be a Mariano Rivera or Ernie Banks auto(I couldn't even dream that one of the 1/1 cut sigs would be pulled), but in the end, I'm just happy that one of the hits made its way to my collection. It turns out that it was one of my favorites out of the entire break.

I think Topps has done a really good job withe the manufactured relics this year. I like the design of the retail First Home Run relics(looking for the Jeter, Deion Sanders, Longoria, and Mattingly). These Future Stars pins are very well done too! This looks even better in person. I guess I'll have to start the search for a Tanaka to add to this Betances. 

I saved the best for last. Above are all of the cards from the actual break. Here is the final bonus card that I received:

Awesome! It's not a super rare, blogger relic/auto, but it is the first example of the creativity this blogosphere has to offer. This gets my gears turning. I'll have to try to produce my own little insert to send out in packages. This is going straight into one of those tobacco sized top loaders I found a few weeks ago!

Really great job overall, in my opinion, Chris. Thanks for hosting this break. I hope to join another of yours sometime in the future. 

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  1. I love the look of those snow camo parallels. Looks like you cleaned up with this break!