February 26, 2015

The Goods from Johnny's Trading Post

A while back, I initiated a trade with John from the great blog, Johnny's Trading Spot. I had inquired about an item I saw on his John Elway collection blog and fortunately, it was available. I had just seen his post about finishing Diamond Kings sets and I knew I had the entire Yaz puzzle that I could send to him. So, I emailed and asked what else it would take for him to part with the Elway item. He told me to send the puzzle and whatever I thought was fair from his Braves want list. You can see his post highlighting the stuff I sent to him here. He was impressed by the volume that I sent and told me he was going to come up with some extra things to send my way. When I got home yesterday, there was a bubble mailer sitting in my mail box. I couldn't wait to tear it open and see the new additions to my collection.

I'll start with three Bernie cards that I needed. As previously stated, he is one of my favorite Yankees to collect and it was a great sight to see these peek out of the stack.

Next up, a sparkly CC and a Pettitte that I hadn't seen before. I also needed the Pipgras since there are like a million cards in that set(6,743 to be exact).

The Torre is actually a sticker and it may be one of my favorite things to come out of the stack. I love both of see Cones. At another time in my collecting career, I had the Smoke 'N Heat insert, but it went missing. Now I have a replacement copy! The other highlights his perfect game. Both have pictures of him wearing jerseys that honor fallen Yankee greats. Though it's hard to see, the card on the left shows the number 5, honoring DiMaggio, on his left sleeve. The other clearly shows the number 7, obviously a nod to Mickey Mantle. Great stuff!

A former Captain and two new Tex cards. It's hard to tell, but the one in the middle is die-cut on top and bottom.

Three awesome overproduction era, box set cards of the Yankees closer of the late '80's.

I hadn't seen that Toys R Us set, but I love the red border. A Black Gold Mike Stanley brings back memories of trying to trade with my friends to get some of these when I was younger. I like the Myers/Longoria, but am bummed that Wil has moved from the Gulf Coast to the West Coast for this season.

Two cool inserts, showing 4 great players.

Vintage! That is my first 1958. It's always great to find great and unexpected vintage cards.

Now on to the Elway item that started this trade in the first place. While searching a post that was showing a bunch of duplicate Elway items available for trade, I saw something that I've wanted for the better part of 10 years. It was a John Elway 7-11 NFL Slurpee disc from his cardboard rookie year of 1984!

There it is, top and center. Yeah, it's an oddball item. Why the fuss? I had one of these when I was younger, and like so many things from my childhood, I don't even know when and where I lost it. Now it's back in my collection for good. John was nice enough to throw in a few other extras to sweeten the deal. I love the throwback uni on the UD card(I have the base, but needed this parallel) and any card that shows the pre-1997 season jerseys is OK-by-me! He even tossed in a Warren Moon disc for good measure. I don't collect him, but I remember watching him play and I'm glad to give this a good home.

Thanks for the generosity John! I had a blast searching through the stack of cards you sent me. I hope we can set up another trade really soon!

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