March 26, 2015

A Completely Welcome and Highly Appreciated PWE

The other day, a delivery from Brian of the blog Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary arrived in my mailbox. This is the second bunch of cards that I've received and I'm sure that my initial 'payment' package probably hasn't made it all the way to his doorstep just yet(it is on the way, I promise). I only expected a few cards from 2015 Donruss that he had posted a few days ago, but Brian went way above and beyond that. Let's start with the unexpected.

His note called these 'filler' to make the PWE less flimsy. Well, I will take filler like this any day of the week and twice on Sunday! These hail from the Topps Archives 'Ultimate 1953 series' set released in 1991.

Here's one more from the early Archives set, a random 1979 Yankee new acquisition and a recent Bowman Chrome Yankee Prospect(I will honestly have to research this kid, I don't know anything about him). Oh, but wait! Upon closer inspection, that isn't a random traded Yankee after all...

It's my first pre-1980 OPC! If I were more familiar with these, I would have recognized it by the text about the trade on the front of the card(plus, his regular Topps has the White Sox team name on front).

There was also one more card towards my 2015 Topps series one set included as filler(not pictured). Now, here are the ones I was expecting.

For me. The jury is still out on 2015 Donruss. I want to like this product, but I still have a hard time with the lack of team logos and I'm not completely sure what I think about the design. I do like the Javier Baez auto. The design kinda reminds me of 1996 Leaf Signature Series(which I really liked at the time), so I had inquired about its availability. I also commented that I thought the Gwynn insert was nicely done. Being the generous guy he is, Brian replied that he would set the Baez and the Gwynn aside for me and that he planned to throw in the Ellsbury base card as well.

Thanks once again Brian. I still can't wait to read your reaction to what I've sent your way, it just has to arrive first. I look forward to our next trade.

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  1. You gotta keep the cards company in a PWE, they get restless and lonesome otherwise. Don't want them to wander off.