March 12, 2015

Would the Blaster Be Worth It?

I've been out of commission for the past few days, but I'm ready to get back in the game. I'll pick up where I left off. I did, in fact, head right back to the local Target the day after I was able to pick up the previously posted jumbo pack. When I arrived, there was no Heritage on the shelves. I had seen the guy getting ready to put the stock out while I was in the store less than 24 hours before and I knew they wouldn't have sold out. So, I wandered over to the customer service desk and actually saw the guy that was stocking the day before. I pulled out the $5 Topps coupon and asked the guy if they had any of it in stock. He said 'yeah I put that out yesterday, it should be in the card aisle.' When I told him I had checked there, he walked over there with me and said ' if we have any, it would be right here...' When he saw none on the shelf, he told me that he remembered that they didn't have any room and that's why he didn't finish putting that stock out the day before. So, he unlocked a cabinet below the register right next to the card aisle and pulled out the box with all of the Heritage jumbos, hangers, and blasters. He asked if I wanted to grab one now since they did have it. I said yes, and he grabbed one random blaster.

Why did I go through the trouble of asking? Well, I knew it had been there, I saw it. I had my heart set on breaking a blaster, THAT day and I really didn't want to drive around to other Targets to find a box to use my coupon on. 

Why did I go through the trouble of writing all of that for you? Well, for those who have hopes of finding the new product of the day and keep searching Target day after day, wondering if it has appeared on the shelves yet, maybe the reason the store doesn't have it on the shelves is because they didn't have space. Maybe you'll have luck if you go through the trouble of asking. Now, on to the contents of the box.

First, I was apprehensive because I didn't get to choose the box, but it wasn't going to argue with the guy who just grabbed a box and locked the rest away. I just wanted to get out if there and rip some packs. So, even with the $5 off, I did kind of wonder if the contents would be worth the trouble and cost.

The first couple packs only provided a few league leaders and a flashback insert to speak of. Somewhere in the middle, things got a bit better, but we'll get to that.

I pulled only one of the Target exclusive Nolan Ryan inserts and one more New Age Performer. The Abreu is not anything super special, I just like the old school Rookie Cup.

I hit the high number SP odds on the head and pulled these three. I was not terribly thrilled, but then again, there are no Yankees on the SP checklist this year, but would it have been too much to actually pull a player I even had a remote interest in? Apparently it was. However, I have no reason to complain because of these two:

The Hamilton is the refractor version, numbered 168/566. Then, I pulled the auto. I realize how difficult it is to pull autos out of this stuff, and I have had some recent success pulling one from some loose packs of the 2014 set. Come on though! I love baseball history and I haven't heard of this guy. Nor had I heard of the subject of my 2014 auto pull. I've researched the bespectacled Kreutzer and he really didn't have much going for him. I really have no idea how Topps is coming up with candidates to include in their Real Ones auto sets. But hey, pulling an auto is pulling an auto. This on is going to be up for grabs though. If anyone out there has any interest in it, let me know. I'm sure we could work out a deal. In the long run, I may not have pulled many keepers, but that blaster was certainly worth it!


  1. Any auto of an old timer is a good pull in my book, especially on card.

    1. I agree, but neither of the ones I've pulled fit into any current collection category, so they will likely find new homes at some point.

  2. You did far better on that blaster than I did on mine. I guess Target Guy has the hot hand when it comes to picking cards. You should have that guy pick all your cards. It wouldn't be weird at all to go in there and ask for him to help you every time you bought cards...

    1. I thought he did really well picking(probably better than I would have).