March 15, 2015

Trading with Shoebox Legends

A few weeks ago, Shane from the great blog, Shoebox Legends contacted me and proposed an AL East rivals trade. Since I am a Yankee fan, the overwhelming majority of the Red Sox in my possession are certainly fair game, so I agreed readily. The other day an envelope arrived from Shane. Here's the goods.

A trio of Bowman Heritage rookies that I didn't already have start things off. For a while I had the Hughes and Chamberlain on a want list, but I really only looked for them half-heartedly. Once they both left NY, they really got put on the back burner, but it is nice to finally have these cards that I had on one of my official lists a few years back. The last one is Kei Igawa. I try my best to forget guys like him(Hideki Irabu anyone...). The only card that really stands out in my mind that I have is one that was given out at the National one year.

Next up, another Hughes and another Chamberlain. Very nice additions. I really like that Fleer Tradition Banner Season design, and this is the first Yankee that I have.

A little Mo and an appearance from the Captain make me happy. This Ultra Rising Stars appeared long after I had stopped collecting that product. The design reminds me of something from the late '90's.

I also like the Topps Turkey Red inserts, but until this arrived, I had no idea that there were refractor parallels of them as well.

I'm probably one of the few Yankee collectors that miss Chien-Ming Wang. I like to remember the few seasons that he was pretty dominant and came up just shy of being a 20 game winner, before injuries derailed his career. Shane's envelope didn't just focus on the more modern day players though.

These two from the '70's are right up my alley. I wish Topps would create a design similar to this for either traded or season highlight cards. I love the 'ripped from the headlines' feel.

There were also a few cards of Yankees legends thrown in for good measure! The Mantle came from a retail 'cereal box' configuration(I think) and is a shiny refractor, though it's tough to tell from the scan. The 2 GQ's are framed parallels, as is the Ruth Masterpieces. I particularly love the Action Packed Gehrig. All in all a great selection of cards that will now have a home in friendly territory.

A huge thanks Shane! You may not have thought that there was anything fantastic in here, but I would disagree. I have a large stack of BoSox to send your way, I just need to check them against your Zistle list. I'm open to taking cards of your AL East rivals anytime!


  1. Awesome, glad you enjoyed the cards! I'll be sure to drop a PWE on you from time to time...

    1. Thanks, I'll let you know when I ship out this week!

  2. I remember when Kei Igawa was supposed to be the next ace of the Yankees rotation. Aaaand now I feel old...

  3. Nice cards, several I haven't seen on the blogs. Great to see you emptying Yank dupes and extras from trade boxes everywhere!