March 12, 2015

Will Ferrell - Baseball Superstar!.

I'm not one to post multiple times a day, because I don't ever really have the time or the ideas for content to support that. Today, however is a different story. I had scheduled the post from earlier this morning when I completed it last night. This morning, I was made aware that today is going to be quite the day for Will Ferrell. Yes, THAT Will Ferrell. He will be participating in 5 different spring training games, suiting up for 10 different clubs and playing all nine positions on the field. Check his schedule for today's action here. I thought this was worth quickly putting together a second post today.

Once I heard about this, I was doing some research about his charitable intent and learned that he has suited up and taken to the diamond before. In 2010, he 'played' in a single game for the Round Rock Express Triple A club, throwing a single pitch before getting ejected. The PCL even released a card in their annual Top Prospect set that year to commemorate the event.

Now that I know that this card exists, it is a must have for my collection. I'm hoping that Topps will see enough merit in this fundraising effort to produce some sort of insert of Ferrell playing for one of the teams today. Beckett Media actually wrote a piece expressing that exact sentiment.

So, for anyone reading this, do you have thoughts on this topic? Would you be interested in Will Ferrell baseball cards?

At the least, this should be an entertaining afternoon!


  1. I just read that on Deadspin. Cardboard must be made. Would make for a GREAT insert set into Update. Hell Topps - make a donation to SU2C for packs sold.

    And please - OVERPRINT! If you do it, and SP the cards, I will be pissed.

    1. I'm with you Jeff, I could just see Topps getting on board and doing it as a SSP that nobody would ever be able to find or serial numbered /50 or something.

  2. Gotta track down a copy of that Rojo... and totally agree that Topps should jump all over the idea to create Ferrell cards. Actually now that they're all about creating limited specialty sets... it wouldn't surprise me to see them create one for their website store in the next few weeks.