August 1, 2016

New Yankees on the Farm

The 2016 MLB Trade Deadline has come and gone and there was a whirlwind of deals being made. It's been some time since the Yankees were sellers at the trade deadline. While I, like many, may not be happy with the departure of Andrew Miller, I am thrilled with the returns that will soon be reinforcing the NY farm system. I did a quick search through some of my recent cards to find some cardboard of the newest Yankee farmhands. In no particular order, here they are.

Pieces of the Beltran, Chapman, and Miller deals from left to right.

Here is the centerpiece of the Miller deal. I hope this kid continues to develop and that he ends up wearing pinstripes in the Yankee Stadium outfield one day. This is my best card of any of the new additions. It's the gold parallel of the Top 100 from this year's Bowman and is #/50.

Here is the centerpiece of the Chapman deal and perhaps the guy that I am most excited about them acquiring. He may or may not fulfill his massive potential and he does currently play SS(where the Yankees have a lot of young talent) but it is exciting to think he may become a part of the new core of the team.

Last but not least is this guy. He is not a new farmhand, but I sure am glad to have him rejoin the team. I was a big fan while he was putting up solid numbers as a middle reliever.

Farewell and good luck to Aroldis Chapman, Andrew Miller, Carlos Beltran, and Ivan Nova. I sure hope some of this young talent ends up helping the big club, but at the least New York began the process of becoming a younger, more athletic team. Thanks for reading.


  1. Nice cards! That Frazier is really cool.

  2. Very cool, you beat me to a trade post of my own ;). Although I might wait until the players to be announced in the Ivan Nova trade are finally made public.