December 16, 2016

On the 4th Day of Trade Posts, Shoebox Legends Gave to Me...

...a fully loaded PWE!

Yes, that was my lame attempt at sticking to the song. For real though, Shane recently sent me a really incredible PWE. Let's just dive right in, shall we?

These two cards combine my love for The Muppets and the history of one of my favorite teams in the NHL. The Carolina Hurricanes are my second favorite hockey team, mostly due to their proximity to where I live. For those that don't know, Hartford is where the 'Canes relocated from.

Here are three cards that prove it pays to have a great trading relationship with a BoSox fan. All three are new to me and welcome additions to my Yankees collection. The Sanchez is the gold parallel and the Captain is super sparkly!

I really like the design on these Bowman Heritage relics, plus it brings back memories of a time when Baldelli was going to be a superstar. The punch packed by this PWE didn't stop there.

I couldn't believe that three Bowman Chrome prospect autos fell out of this envelope! I was especially thrilled when I flipped to the Tyler Wade. It's not often I add three autos to the collection in one trade package, let alone courtesy of a PWE! I should have known to expect something like this from Mr. Shoebox Legends though, he always delivers a great trade package. Thanks Shane, there's more Sox ready to be packed and shipped your way. Thanks for reading.

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