December 21, 2016

Pre-Christmas Secret Santa Gift

A short while back, the man behind Bob Walk the Plank coordinated a cardsphere Secret Santa. Last week, a small bubble mailer arrived lacking a return address. I didn't identify it as my Secret Santa gift because I've been receiving a few eBay wins, case break goods, and/or card for card trades from a few folks from various FB groups. However, when I opened said envelope, I immediately realized that the cards contained were not from any deals or purchases I had made. Then I read the cryptic note that's was included. It confirmed my assessment that it was from my BWTP Santa. It didn't reveal my gift giver and actually had a not so slightly veiled challenge to unravel the mystery. There were two items in a team bag, let's take a look.

These came from an unopened pack of 2001 Topps Post cereal cards. I've been slowly piecing together that set(on and off) since 2001. The 'Big Hurt' was the card showing. I opened the pack so quickly, I didn't even bother to take a picture for this write up. I was pretty happy to be able to cross the Thomas off my needs list, but I was even happier that the Gwynn was the second card since it was a need as well. That was a pretty great start to this gift package.

The second item was another card that has eluded me for a long time. At first glance, it may look like the base 1990 Bernie Williams RC. Though you can't tell from the scan, this is the Tiffany parallel. With this in hand, I believe I have all of the possible Bernie RCs. I may be wrong, but let me have just a moment to feel I've accomplished that goal. A huge thanks to Matt for organizing this and an equally huge thanks to my Santa. By the way, I'm 99% sure that I was able to identify my Santa, but I'll leave the air of mystery intact. Thanks for reading.


  1. Like that your Santa hit some long standing card needs.

  2. Always good to cross a couple cards off those want lists!

  3. Nice! Wantlist crossing off is key