May 24, 2020

It's Cardpocalypse Sunday

Welcome back for week four of my blog re-launch contest. This week, the focus turns to MMA, wrestling, and non-sport content. Once again, a brief recap of the rules: nine cards will be posted every week. Each reader can place a claim on one card per week. Cards can be claimed by more than one reader. Claims serve as entry into the contest and must be made with an associated name(no anonymous or unknown). The claim period will be open until Monday night at 8pm EST. At the close of that period, I will enter a list consisting of 'reader-card claimed' pairings into a list randomizer. The reader/card combo at the top of the list after 7 rounds of shuffling will be the winner of the week's Cardpocalypse package. The winnings will include the card they claimed and some cards that will remain a mystery until the package is opened. Packages will be sent on Thursday each week. Readers can only win once during weeks 1-4. Week 5 will have multiple winners(number yet to be determined) and the four previous weekly winners will be eligible to enter again.

First up, some UFC cardboard.

Rose is /99, Joanna /125, and DJ /200.

Sasha is /150, Bayley /199 and HBK /299. Both mat relics are from he actual events(NXT Takeover Dallas for Bayley and Royal Rumble 2018 for Sasha).

I apologize that my non-sport game is kinda weak. We've got a sparkly Star-lord, The Flash in its foilboard glory, and a Willie Nelson relic.

In the words of 'Big' John McCarthy, 'Are you ready? Let's get it on!' 

The claiming period is open.


  1. I’ll put in a claim for Shawn Michaels. My kid is really into WWE. Thanks!

  2. I am placing a claim on the Willie Nelson relic card.

    Thank you for the chance.

  3. Very late to the relaunch party (welcome back, BTW). I gotta go with Willie Nelson as well. Thanks!

  4. Whoa. Lots of nice cards here. If I had to pick one, I'd go with Willie.