May 18, 2020

The Week Three Winner is....

The final buzzer has sounded on their week's claiming period! Thank you to the 7 readers that participated this week. The basketball contest edged out last week with just over an hour left.

Here is the list pasted into the box, ready to be shuffled.

Here is the screenshot of the list after 7 rounds. Remember that the time stamp on the randomizer is set at UTC(Coordinated Universal Time) which is 4 hours ahead of EST. This week's winner is The Diamond King! The Rick Barry relic will be headed your way. I have a challenging few days ahead of me preparing a prize pack for someone I haven't traded with in the past. It's gonna be fun! You are not eligible to enter in week 4, but I hope to see you back here for 'Anything Goes' week 5. Please let me know the best way to reach out to you regarding your address. 

Check back here this coming Sunday to see the variety of MMA/wrestling/non-sports cards that will be up for grabs in week 4. Thanks for reading.


  1. Woohoo! Thanks for the fun! I guess the easiest would be to shoot me an email at kmattson2002 at yahoo dot com.

  2. Once again, I have been defeated.

    Non-sport interests me though. An autographed George Washington perhaps? A King Tut relic card? A Mata Hari blue refractor?

  3. Congratulations to Kevin! It's kind of interesting to see that everyone went after something different.