August 9, 2015

An NFL-inspired Single Card Post

I've got a bunch of great stuff that I've accumulated over the past week, and I'm sure I'll have a few trade packages awaiting my return home, but since I am still out of town, I figured it would be easy to write about something that has been sitting around for a while. I'll be sure to get back to the usual content in a day or so, but until then... is upon us. Tonight, the first pre-season NFL game is being played. I'm slowly beginning to get excited. A new season means another chance to claim a Super Bowl title. Hopefully this guy can help my Broncos do just that.

This Juwan Thompson die-cut RC was a Listia win from a few months ago. It only set me back a few hundred credits which was totally worth it. This is my first RC of a guy who was really productive last season when given the chance. The Broncos situation at the RB position is cloudy at best, but considering Montee Ball's tendency to get injured, and Ronnie Hillman's inconsistency, I think Juwan will get some touches and make the most of them. The Broncos will need all of their offensive weapons firing on all cylinders if they're going to make another run deep into the playoffs.


  1. Yall had a revolving door at HB last year abs every guy that stepped up was better than the next. This is yalls window with Peyton and Miller likely gone next year

    1. I agree, it's this year or rebuild. It was good that they all ended up being better than the guy before them since they all seemed to get injured.