August 20, 2015

Another Set Completed

While I was away, a PWE arrived from Jedi Jeff of 2x3 Heroes. He did some damage to my Topps Series 2 set Ned's by helping me cross off an additional 8 base cards. I might have even cracked into only needing double digits to finish that one. I guess that's not bad considering I only picked up two blasters, a few hanging boxes, and a random loose pack or two. Jeff also included some other cards, including this one:

This completed my series two First Pitch set! I know many of you have commented about not caring for this guy, but he was my second favorite series two celeb. Fluffy, Gabriel Iglesias, easily took the top spot. He's a funny guy if you haven't seen him.

I love the Cecil Fielder shot and getting a few more of these Cooperstown cards is making me consider  picking up one of the clearance blasters that are sitting on my local Target's shelf. I probably won't anytime soon since there are newer products that I want to bust(Topps Chrome anyone?). If they're still sitting on the shelf once I've gotten my fill of the new products, I might have to take a shot.

Thanks for helping fill some holes in my sets Jeff. I'll be sure to have some ChiSox packed up and sent your way in the near future!


  1. Oh man I am jealous! The Series 2 had a bunch of great players for the First Pitch set. I only have a few but I hope to get my hands onto the Fluffy one. That's the one I want the most.

  2. Sometimes he gets ugh you know, but guess what. I need the guy for my Name Game Binder. LOL. I am going to have to grab one now.