August 12, 2015

Showing Hulk Some Love - A Single Card Post

I'm still trying to catch up from being out of town for a week. Lots of new stuff to show off from a card shop visit while I was away and a bunch of trade packages that were waiting for me when I got back that need to be highlighted. Once I have the chance to open them and scan whatever I can, I'll get things rolling on all of that. For now, I've got another single card post.

This is another recent Listia win. The card is from the 1985 WWF set and shows two wrestling legends in the ring. For those that don't recognize the other guy, it is Japanese wrestling icon Antonio Inoki. This title match took place in 1984 and was for Hogan's IWGP Championship belt(that was one of the main titles at the time, may still be). It's an incredible match that shows an aspect of Hulk's skill set that US fans rarely had the chance to see, the technical wrestling. I couldn't find a good link to a video o the match, but I would highly recommend checking it out if you're remotely a wrestling fan(or ever have been).

I loved Hulk Hogan as a kid and I still think he is one of the greatest entertainers ever. I know he's had some bad publicity in recent weeks, but he shouldn't have been erased from the WWE as if he never existed. Everyone makes mistakes. I'm not suggesting I agree with the comments that Hulk made, but it was years ago that this happened, it was in defense of his daughter, and he has apologized for having made those comments. In my mind, he should be forgiven. I still love Hulk, flaws and all. If there is any remote chance that he ends up reading this I say 'Hang in there, Brother!' 

Thanks for reading!


  1. I grew up watching WCW and always loved hulkster, he said some shitty things but dumb to erase everything

  2. To be erased from all things WWE seems a little drastic to me, especially in light of some other former WWE personalities and their backgrounds.