August 19, 2015

Sting Teams With...Ric Flair? - A Single Card Post

Welcome to another in a series of single card posts. For this installment, we delve back into the world of professional wrestling. If you followed the NWA/WCW in the late '80's or early '90's, you no doubt remember some of the classic championship matches between Sting and 'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair. That feud spawned several classic matches that I still love to watch to this day. What you may not remember though is that these two briefly joined forces. What? Here's the proof:

This card highlights the time when Sting was briefly a member of The Four Horsemen. I really love the career spanning, retail only Sting tribute set that has been included across several WWE products so far this year. When all is said and done, it will consist of 40 cards(10 each from 4 different products). I am fairly certain that this might be the first wrestling set(or insert set) that I try incomplete. Man, for a while there I was doing a pretty good job of minimizing the scope of my collecting habits. Oh well, I guess that's out the window! Thanks for reading!

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