August 6, 2015

Surprise PWE, Baseball Card Breakdown Style

A short while ago, Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown and I completed our first trade. Not long after that, I was surprised by a PWE from him. I love surprise cards, especially when they are as good as these were!

A few new additions to my Longoria collection got things off to a great start. There are still few and far between trade packages that address my non-Yankee collecting habits. It's a tad surprising since it seems that there are so many bloggers looking for new homes for the Rays that they pull. 

We move from a great start to an even stronger finish...

I knew at some point the Ferrell would be headed my way since we had messaged about it, but the other two set needs caught me off guard. That is the first 2015 Studio insert that has come to me in a trade. It was also great to cross another of the 1968 Game inserts off my list. Here's my updated set needs tally: only one more Ferrell to go(anyone have the A's?), the Vargas drops me to 4 more Studios, and the Freehand teamed with my card show acquisitions puts me at only 3 more Game cards to go!

Thanks for the additional cards Gavin! I hope the second package I sent your way has made it to you.


  1. Very nice! Gavin is a good guy!

  2. Glad you like the cards! And yeah, I'll be putting up a post re: the latest cards you sent later today, fittingly.

  3. Awesome cards, I really need to get myself one of those Will Ferrells, can't believe I haven't picked up a single one yet. Also, do you collect all Rays?!?! Just certain players? Let me know!

  4. I have started an effort to collect these homeless Rays as they are my current home team I'm stock piling them in case my son decides to like them.