June 11, 2015

A Sad Day...

I had intended to write an entirely different type of post today. However, when I heard the news this afternoon that one of my favorite wrestlers of all time had passed, I had to quickly shift gears. 

'The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes is gone. I remember being a kid and watching some of his battles with Harley Race and Ric Flair. Later, I remember having to turn off the WWF(so named at the time) when he would come on their shows because I hated his gimmick of being the 'Common Man' and the fact that he was never really used in any matches above mid-card level. I may have been young watching him, but I could see that he was one of the most gifted men to grab a mic and cut a promo.

Sadly, this is the only card I currently own of Dusty. I guess I'll have to actively set out to change that.

Goodbye Dream...you'll be missed. RIP, if you wiiilll.


  1. To tell you how out of touch with wrestling I've been, I had no idea until today that "Goldust" is Dusty's kid. And, I also found out that Dusty has a daughter that was a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader in the early 1990s...

    He was a great entertainer, no doubt. He will be missed.

    1. I don't watch wrestling much anymore, but I did know about Goldust and his other son Stardust. I had no idea about his duaghter being a cheerleader though. He truly was a great entertainer!