June 16, 2015

I Wish This PWE Came With Bubblegum

Jeff from Wish They Still Came With Bubblegum has been working on his PWE packing skills and I am happy to say that I was recently on the receiving end of one. The contents packed quite a punch. There were seven cards in all. I needed six of them. Here they are.

I'll start with one of the highest rated Yankees prospects in the system. This is a great die-cut. The prospects didn't end there.

Jeff has sent me the only two Refsnyder cards that I have. In an earlier package, he sent me the Bowman paper version which I got signed, here we have the Chrome version. The orange wave Mateo is the first orange wave that I have added and the first Mateo to find a home in my collection. Next, Jeff hit my love of season highlights and of Bernie Williams.

Wait, I forgot to include my love of Collector's Choice. I'm pretty sure that I've mentioned that in a previous post or two.

Though the rest of the contents were pretty great, these two were definitely my favorites of the bunch. I think that Topps Gallery is hit or miss. There have been really great designs done well and there have been some really weak designs done poorly. These two are really great! 

Thanks for the PWE Jeff! I've got some more Bravos to ship your way soon.


  1. That Sanchez looks great scanned, glad they were mostly new to you. Maybe I will start packing gum in my trade packages... creating rare 1/1 gum stained cards

    1. Just make sure it's not 30 year old gum! Thanks again!

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